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Dongguan Rongda Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.

Contact: Mr. Yu

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Address: No. 2, Nange West Road, Daojun Town, Dongguan, Guangdong, China

Mechanical processing
Are you troubled by the following questions?

Equipment single

Worry cannot meet custom demand?

Delivery is not on time

After paying the delivery, the delivery is not shipped, the delivery time is too long?

Poor quality

Worry product quality can't guarantee?

Worry product quality can't guarantee?

Is the product difficult to meet the quality improvement?

After-sales service is not

After the after-sales service, you can't find the person in charge?

Why you chooseIntegrate machinery
Professional company engaged in metal welding,
mechanical processing integrated companies

1 Strong strength, complete equipment

  • Multi-year large mechanical processing technology experience
  • Specializing in the machining requirements of various major components to meet customer names
  • To serve customers, we will create greater value for customers.
Immediately consult

2 Efficiency, quality double floor protection

  • With professional technical strength and perfect processing machinery and a large number of talents
  • Employee team engaged in high-tech horizontal processing masters and professional homework in the industry for many years

3 Quality Guarantee

  • Opening the customer's needs, providing processing personalized solutions
  • Provide a wide variety of product references;
  • Fully meet customer requirements

4 Satisfied service, no worries

  • With a professional large-scale machining team gives you a caring service, the company adheres to carefully
  • The quality policy of excellence, sincere service, this is, a person-oriented, reputation first,
  • Quality first, pioneering and innovative, customer satisfaction service tenet.
combining machinery - Master Equipment
The practical and stability of the product is recognized by our customers.
combining machinery - customization process
From the details, highlight the company's large number of control processing custom strength
  • Customer blueprint

  • Order review

  • Engineering demolition

  • Purchase of raw materials

  • Process standard

  • Laser

  • I want to customize

  • After-sales service

  • Inspection

  • Spray storage

  • Machining Center

  • welding

combining machinery - into us
powerful processing strength and perfect detection system, create quality processing technology

Dongguan Rongda Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is a company that has a metal welding and machining, and the company has been established in 2010. Since its sincere, it has always adhered to the management philosophy of "people-oriented, technology leading, quality first". High starting point, high standard, high requirements "management awareness, integrity service in our customers.

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